Invisible Girlfriend Trailer

Invisible Girlfriend

A.Sabin & D.Redmon
April 2009


Charles is in love with his invisible girlfriend, Joan of Arc, so he decides to ride his big red bicycle 400 miles from Monroe through rural Louisiana to find her in a New Orleans bar. Along the way, he encounters a farmer, a witch, a tin man, and a man who honors the dead. Working within the tradition of creative non-fiction, Invisible Girlfriend is a Southern tale that transcends literal interpretations of images in order to open up rich, loamy textures of humor and drama. The cinematography is startling in its intensity and violent beauty, representing an optical trope that offsets the desperate love that Charles sets off on his journey to find.





  • Invisible Girlfriend is a textbook example of what can result when savvy documentarians fortuitously connect (or, in this case, reconnect) with an interesting subject at precisely the right moment.... Final scenes are genuinely heart wrenching.” Joe Leydon, Variety
  • “A surprising and profoundly compassionate road trip about an America struggling to get back on its feet, with filmmakers Ashley Sabin and David Redmon working at the intersection of Flannery O'Connor Avenue and Werner Herzog Boulevard.” Ty Burr, The Boston Globe
  • “The intrepid Sabin and Redmon unmitigatingly open themselves up to the rich, loamy textures of human life and drama that make most of us run in the other direction or, at the very least, flat out ignore.” Pamela Cohn, Still in Motion
  • “A surreal, Wizard of Oz-esque journey through one of America's most vibrant landscapes, with characters you couldn't make up and a climax that is flat-out unbelievable. Redmon and Sabin are America's answer to Werner Herzog, delivering films that transcend the realms of fiction and non-fiction to reach a new state of truth.” Michael Tully, Hammer to Nail


70 minutes