Hypersexualizing Models

by Rachel Blais for RQASF.  Click here for the blog post in French.

A friend of mine emailed me a few days ago after she couldn’t help but notice how many of this month’s magazine covers on the newsstand were hyper sexualized.

I started looking up the images and more and more I began to wonder, how much more sexualized is a Playboy cover?! Well, the answer makes me even more sadly aware of the extent of the normalization of hyper sexualized imagery in popular culture. It is really how we want to see women depicted?

  • Is this what we want young girls to aspire to become? And how we want boys to view women?
  • Does being a successful woman have any link with getting undressed for magazine covers?
  • Is this supposed to be “girl power”? Or is it what marketing has made of it?
  • Is it really necessary to bombard consumers with so many sexualized images?
  • If these famous and respected celebrities pose on covers in this way, can we expect a young model to say she is not comfortable posing in sexualized manners?
  • And if she feels okay with it, shouldn’t she be left to discover her sexuality with peers of her own age and not in front of a camera at work?

This girl was no more than 16 years old when this picture was taken.


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