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Get ready! Girl Model will broadcast this Sunday, 3/24 at 10pm on POV. Check your local PBS listings here. Join us on screen or online and help us make a difference!

Working with our partners, super models Sara Ziff, Carre Otis, and Rachel Blais of the Model Alliance, and the Fordham Fashion Law Institute we’ve created a petition to ask that child models be afforded the same rights and protections as all other child performers.

We want to close this dangerous loop hole in New York State and make sure that the child models who are working in NY State are working in regulated, safe and non-hazardous environments. We urge you to sign the petition and help us spread the word.

Here are a few ways you can help:

Send out these tweets:

@GirlModelMovie: The truth behind the allure of the modeling industry. @povdocs presents, 3/24 @PBS.to.pbs.org/UGo5Na

Protect child models. To help: watch @GirlModelMovie premiere 3/24 on @povdocs & share this petition: bit.ly/15nkzGz

Post on Facebook:

Tune in this Sunday to PBS to watch the premiere of Girl Model, a documentary that exposes abuses and labor violations for child models: to.pbs.org/UG05Na

Protect child models. To help watch Girl Model documentary premiere on 3/24 on POV and share this petition: bit.ly/15nkzGz

If you want other ways to take action, visit our take action page and get involved. It’s not too late to host a screening party! PBS website has tool kits, educational materials and all you need to host a party for your community, your dorm and more. If you’re wild about animated GIFS or know someone addicted to Tumblr, check out our #askagirlmodel blog.


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