Kim's Video

Kim's Video

Ashley Sabin & David Redmon
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An entangled montage of media, 1987 zips to 2022, movies forgotten, movies shared, movies found ... a documentary so inconceivable it could be made up. Kim’s Video unearths the bizarre, untold story of New York’s beloved Kim’s Video Collection – a former video rental store in New York City. Kim’s Video plays as a heated-dream docu-mystery as the directors seek out Kim’s unbelievable past, mesh it with an unstable present, and attempt to influence the collection’s unknown future.


A modern-day cinephile-idiot, co-director David Redmon goes on a quest in New York City to rent a movie from Kim’s Video, a video rental store with more than 55,000 movies. Upon arriving at 6 St Marks Place in the East Village, however, he cannot locate his beloved Kim’s Video and subsequently learns the entire collection was sent to Sicily (Italy). David then sets off on a journey to rent a movie from Kim’s Video in Sicily and, in doing so, becomes entangled in local politics when he breaks into the video store in an effort to find a movie and see the collection.